Creating Want Lists and using the My Account feature of Collectibles Central is very simple, follow the steps below:
Creating and Viewing Want Lists
  1. Register by clicking New User Registration
  2. Go to My Want Lists by clicking here.
  3. Create your Want List by clicking “Add New Want List” (these are Items that you would like to search our customers database for).
    1. Create your Want List name i.e. “Yankees”
    2. Select the type of collectible you would like to search through i.e. Sports Memorabilia and Rock and Roll
    3. Select the Match Type
    4. Enter the Search Criteria i.e. “Mantle” and “Ruth”
    5. Click Add, repeat as needed
  4. Click on the link to go back to the My Want Lists page.
  5. Click on the Name of the Want List item to see the results
You can view all of your current bids with the auction companies that use SimpleAuctionSite software. To set up your My Account page:
  1. Select My Account in the footer or click here.
  2. Click the Manage Web Site Passwords button.
  3. Enter your User Names and Passwords for appropriate sites (you may sign up for additional companies at this time by selecting Sign Up Today). We require this to validate your information with the auction website.
  4. If you change your password don't fogret to change it here as well or your bids won't show up on your My Account page.
  5. Click the Return to My Account link.